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Articles: New Content Added In January
$info[topictext] Read the story for information on the new fan art, fan fiction and links that have been added to Lavender Eyes during January.

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Articles: "Condemnation" Cover Art Revealed
$info[topictext] The cover art for the third part of RA Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen--Condemnation by Richard Baker--has just been revealed. Click here to see it!

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Articles: "Plot & Poison: A Guidebook to Drow" hits the shops
$info[topictext] A "Races of Renown" sourcebook for the d20 System has just been released. Matthew Sernett, editor of Dragon Magazine, claims to delve deep into the heart of the drow, providing a book packed with new spells, classes and the like. For more information, click here.

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Articles: December's New Additions
$info[topictext] Two great new oekaki pics of Drizzt by Matt Bell have been added, as have three cool pics by Anya Kholodova of Guen, Drizzt and Zak. Craig Ramirez has sent in some great sketches of Drizzt and some 'Poser' art. Etenar has updated her gallery with some more anime pictures of Drizzt and Entreri. Neven has added some more beautiful 'Poser' pics to her gallery, including--now, make sure that you're sitting down, ladies--a topless Drizzt. Violetsky has added some really nice new pictures of Drizzt and Lloth.

With regard to fanfic, She-Cat has submitted an enjoyable, on-going Drizzt/Catti-brie romance entitled 'A New Beginning.' Dragon Eyes has sent in the final chapters of her Drizzt/Catti-brie story called 'The First Time.'

Thanks for visiting and we hope that you all have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Read more Comments (0) Dec 26, 2002

Articles: sample chapter of The Thousand Orcs now online
$info[topictext] The sample chapter of Salvatore's upcoming 'Drizzt' novel, The Thousand Orcs, is available in a .pdf format here.

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Articles: Guestbook is empty!
$info[topictext] Our poor guestbook is so sad and empty. Would you please consider signing it? The link is to the left. Thanks!

In the meantime, there have been a couple new fanfics posted, and some new fan art in the gallery. Please keep submitting your work, and if you know of any good authors or artists that should be a part of the site, please let us know in the forum!

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Articles: New Version of Lavender Eyes Now Open!
$info[topictext] As you can see, the site has been completely revamped to allow for more user interaction. If you become a member, you can submit fanfics, fan art, make comments in the gallery, post in the forum, submit links, and all kinds of other stuff. So become a member and participate!

Also, we're looking for folks to help us flesh out the Encyclopedia--we need people to write brief (or not so brief) entries for the various people and places of Forgotten Realms that relate to the Dark Elf books. If you're interested, pop us a note in the forum.

Finally, I'd like to thank Steve Smith for his help in seeking out new fanfics and art to add to the site, and his huge amount of effort in getting them physically added. He's agreed to stay on and help with the site, so thanks, Steve!

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