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Who runs this site?

grumpie1 In 2003, I followed my kids to Lavender Eyes, in spite of having never read the books. (Oh, the perils of being a responsible parent and monitoring your children's internet use.) Shortly after joining, I started reading the books and it didn't take long to fall in love with both world of Faerűn and the LE community. Since 2004, I've been a site sub-admin and forum moderator. Finally in November of 2009, I took over the reins as Administrator from the site's founder, Rivka.

If I wish to use some of the beautiful art from some of these very talented artists and they leave no way that I saw to contact them....may I use the picture? Or is there a way to ask permission in a way that is more reliable than leaving the question in

You shouldn't really use the pictures on this site for anything but personal online viewing without the permission of the artist; though the pictures are fanart of copyrighted material, the artist still has copyright and all rights therein. Most fan artists will be happy for you to use their work, providing you have their permission. I can't give you permission to use an artist's picture because the pictures found at this site have been provided by the contributing artists who kindly gave us permission to show them. LavenderEyes itself is never the copyright holder; it only benefits from a non-transferable "permission to publish".

If you send another member of Lavender Eyes a private message, how do you check to see if they've sent you one in return?

On the left hand side of the screen there should be boxes entitled "main menu" and "who's online." When somebody has sent you a private message in should say, in the "who's online" box, "You have X private messages."

How do we PM other users? I've looked, and people have PM'd me, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I am really sorry if this is a dumb question.

If you click on the members link down in the Who's Online block on the left, you can do a search on someone's name. Once you've found them, there will be a link in their profile to send them a PM.

what do you do if you forget your password?

Click here, and then click on the link that says “Retrieve lost password”.

I am receiving notifications of replies to some subjects. How can I remove the notifications?

When you post on this message board (and many others, for that matter), there's a box you can tick that lets you "Receive email notification of new replies?" To avoid receiving email notifications of new replies, simply do not tick the box which says "Receive email notification of new replies?" The default setting is "receive no notification".

What is the purpose of uploading "Avatar" pics? What are they for? Thanks for your time!

Avatars are used in the forums. They are pictures that appear next to a person’s post.

Do I email pics to be submitted or is there a place to upload them? I'm lost.

Go to the Submissions Gallery, and, if you're a member who's logged-in to the this site, there will be a link at the top which says: "Add Photos". Click on this link, then upload your pictures (instructions will be provided). Please include your name with your photos so we can create a gallery to put your art in.

How can I change my username? Do I have to have the first account deleted? If so, how do I do that?

You can't actually change a user-name. To get a new name, simply re-register with the site, choosing a different name.

I have uploaded my avatar from files on my computer, then it says to go to my account. I go there, but there is no place to attach the avatar or anything, is it automatic or something?

To select an uploaded avatar: click on "my account"; then click on "change your info"; then click on the drop-down "Your Avatar" menu, and select your uploaded avatar; then click on "save changes" at the bottom of that page.

Is there any way to mark an entire topic on the forum as read, without going through every page?

I do not think you can actually mark a topic on these forums as being read. However, when you leave and then revisit the forums—assuming you don't erase your cookies in-between doing so, that is—all posts that were made before you left the forums will be marked "as read" (a closed, grey envelope icon is displayed next to them) and any new posts/topics made will be highlighted by an icon that looks like an opened yellow envelope bursting with paper.

Whenever I want to post something in the forums, I keep getting a syntax error note. Why?

Does your username have an apostrophe in it? I mean, something like "Kevin Do'Urden"? If so, the forums will have a problem with the apostrophe, with error messages being generated (something like: "You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near..."). Sorry about that. To get around this problem, please reregister choosing a different name, one without an apostrophe in it.

Can I edit my image gallery? and how can i do it?

If you're logged in, and go into your gallery, you should see links up near the upper right that say things like "Properites", "Add Picture" and so on. Beneath each picture, you should be seeing a drop down menu that allows you to delete or edit your picture info. If you're not seeing this, then contact one of the site staff, and they will fix it for you.

I wish to submit my art work for the gallery, but want to leave out my name. May I do so?

Simply submit your art under whatever name you would like your gallery to be listed under. If this name is different from your member name on Lavender Eyes, please include your member name so that we can set permissions for you to add, edit, or delete art from your gallery. However, a name must be included with your art work. It will be held in the submissions for seven days. If no artist's name is added, it will be deleted.

How do I know if my contributed FanFics are accepted? do i just need to keep an eye on the FanFic board?

Check the fanfic archive. Your story is usually validated within a few hours by a Moderator. If it has not been validated, a Moderator will notify you by private message with the reason(s).

I've uploaded a fanfic, and would like to add more chapters to it. How do I do this without creating a whole new story?

Find your story in the archive, click onto the title. On the left, you will see "Add Chapter." Click on that and follow the guides.

I noticed that at one point under a person's avatar they had ther #of posts and ranking. It seems to have dissappered, what happened?

Thank you for your enquiry. Post Counts and Member Status were recently removed from beneath a member’s avatar to help reduce spam on the LE fora. A member’s Post Count can be found by clicking on Member List on the top of the page. Hope that helps.

Um... I've joined the site recently and I've just been browsing in the galleries and the forums for the fanart. The word 'flaming' keeps on coming up, but I don't know what it means... *blushes*

A flame is a remark that is meant to deliberately insult so as to hurt feelings or incite an argument. For example, in the art galleries you might see "the legs are too skinny and you need to work on your musculature a bit more". That is a critique or constructive criticism. "You suck" or "Put down your pencil and BURN IT!!!" are both examples of flames.

What do the little stars under our username mean?

Essentially, they don't mean anything. In the days of member rankings and post counts, you would get a new star for each ranking that you "progressed" to. Those rankings were, of course, tied to post counts. Since we did away with the post counts and member rankings, everyone has the stars of a senior member and the generic ranking of "site member". The stars also make it easier to see who is site staff "at a glance".

I've been trying to use a forum but it says that I have a syntax error, so I did what you said and tried to get a new name, but for some reason, it wont let me. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Could you help me, please?

You can only have one account per email address. You can either start another account with a new/different email addy or you can email Rivka at rivka@councilofelrond.com and ask her to delete your account here so you can start a new one with a useable name. She tends to be busy though so it might be quicker to get a new email yourself to start the new account. (Just remember no apostrophe in your new account name.)

How does one submit a picture for the colouring book album?

You simply submit it to the Submissions Gallery like normal -- just be sure to label it "coloring book" so it can be placed in the correct folder.

For An RPG are we allowed to use flying ships?

No. In the RPG forum it is specified what technology is permitted and what is not. I'll repeat it here: What is and isn't allowed 1.Mecha creations are not allowed unless they are golems created by a wizard. 2. All transportation must not hold any modern traits. Flying ships, although related to the DnD universe, are an attempt by WOTC to add a modern edge to their games. Small mechanical machines, like crawlers and the like are allowed but they must be simple in creation (no bomb throwers etc). Gnomes tinker with metal and making it move, but none can make a robot or a flying ship. Think simple mechanics. Horses, large lizards and other large beasts, wooden ships, carriages etc were the main transportation in Drizzt's world. 3. Travel between worlds in Drizzt's books is done through the use of portals. Travel commences between the hells, abyss, and the regular plane. Otherplanar travel is allowed in the forum. Space travel on the other hand was not recognized so it is not allowed.

Where can I find the answers to my questions when I click on one of the FAQ's I get redirected to the main homepage I want to see the comments about my art

If there is an asterisk by the title of your art then there are comments posted on it. To get those comments all you have to do is click on the image thumbnail. That will give you the full-size view as well as any comments you might have.

Can you tell me please why did you change the gallery of images? It is something usual?

Changes in the Images Gallery have been ongoing and probably will continue as the site continues to grow. To detail some of the changes to date: Fanart was broken down into Member Art (art submitted by site members) and Guest Art (art by non-members that we have received permission to display here). This change was to make it easier to keep up with more frequently updated galleries. The galleries were then alphabetized to make them easier to navigate as well as easier for staff to place submitted artwork in the appropriate folder. We also recently added a Coloring Book -- which was originally an artist's project that proved popular and gained support from other artists. We also added a Book and Games Art gallery. This image gallery contains cover art from various FR books (especially RAS ones) and campaign settings as well as screen shots from FR computer games, maps of Faerun, and a folder of Todd Lockwood's FR book art that we received special permission to display. Logged in members can also access our (recently added) Member Pictures Gallery. If you have a specific suggestion or complaint, please feel free to speak up in Site Suggestions and Announcements.

Is there any way to change the 'cover picture' for your art gallery? My first submitted picture doesn't show up very well and I was hoping to change it to a newer one. Is there any way that I just don't know about, or could you make one somehow?

Under each picture in your album is a drop down menu. Go to the picture you would like to have as your album highlight and choose Highlight Photo from that drop down menu. It will ask to confirm your selection, say "yes" and that pic will be your new album highlight. You can change the highlight pic at any time -- very useful if you wish to "spotlight" new additions to your album.

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